Godzilla Redesign Prompt

Jesica o black godzilla

Godzilla Redesign for RJ Palmer's contest! I took the 'sea creature' approach.

Decided to enter Rj Palmer's contest last minute but it was super fun and reminded me how awesome creatures can be, and how rad (and hecka inspiring) all the entries are! So here's my version, inspired by Godzilla being a sea monster sort of missing link marine-to-land creature.

"An ancient sea creature, this monstrosity roamed the oceans for eons at a time, using its plates to absorb sunlight to store energy. Records tell tales of sailors meeting their doom after 'seeing the glowing light of a yellow dawn behind a mountainous island,' expecting safety but instead crashing upon its thick hide, often being devoured.

Now, in more current times, its glow has taken on a more characteristic blue hue. Scientists and researchers all agree that this is due to a diet change--it no longer feeds on sunlight and has instead found a new more potent source of energy in human radiation waste."

August 1, 2019